Tags in the cvs

The following tags are in the cvs. This list is just for reference reasons, please use always the most recent tag only, or packages from debian stable.

Tag ......, meaning ...... and date
debian-10-0-3Debian Release 2:10.0-32004-02-02
debian-10-0-2Debian Release 2:10.0-22004-01-18
debian-10-0-1Debian Release 2:10.0-12004-01-04
debian-9-25-9Debian Release 2:9.25-92003-11-10
debian-9-25-8Debian Release 2:9.25-82003-11-04
debian-9-25-7Debian Release 2:9.25-72003-11-04
debian-9-25-6Debian Release 2:9.25-62003-10-04
debian-9-25-4Debian Release 2:9.25-42003-09-18
debian-9-25-3Debian Release 2:9.25-32003-09-03
debian-9-25-2Debian Release 2:9.25-22003-08-27
debian-9-25-1Debian Release 2:9.25-12003-08-22

You can browse the cvs via http://cvs.alioth.debian.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/?cvsroot=netpbm.


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